Handmade Solid Bar Shampoo - Vanilla Sandalwood Shampoo That Rocks



It  doesn't get any better than this  --Vanilla Sandalwood, and is it delicious! Rich, sweet vanilla overlays earthy, warm sandalwood. It is sweet, sensual, and intoxicating. Use it at your own risk!


The solid shampoo bar, as always, is loaded with goodies that benefit your hair. It produces abundant, mild lather that is gentle, even to processed hair. I have added herbal extracts of yarrow, nettle, sage, lavender, and horsetail, as well as proteins, and panthenol to promote healthy, shiny hair.


This shampoo bar weighs roughly 100Gm (3.3oz) and is similar in usage to 240gm (8oz) of liquid shampoo. It is packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard jar. The solid form shampoo is very convenient for traveling, camping, or carrying in gym bags and is earth-friendly, requiring minimal packaging.


This scent is available in Conditioner That Rolls, too!http://www.etsy.com/shop/GetLathered?section_id=5509489