Solid Shampoo Bar -Yuzu Fragranced Shampoo That Rocks



This bar is fragranced with Yuzu, a lively, sparkling Japanese grapefruit. Everyone loves this tangy, clean citrus--you will too!

This listing is for a solid shampoo bar loaded with goodies that benefit your hair. It produces abundant, mild lather that is gentle, even to processed hair. I have added herbal extracts of yarrow, nettle, sage, lavender, and horsetail, as well as proteins, and panthenol to promote healthy, shiny hair.

The bar weighs 100Gm (3.3oz) --similar to 250ml (8oz) liquid shampoo --and will last a looong time. The compact size is extremely convenient for packing when you travel, camp, or go to the gym, If you haven't experienced a solid shampoo, try one ~~ you'll be glad you did!